I migrated this website over to a new host and completely redesigned the site. I changed the color scheme, fonts, layout, content, and features. I added online donations, a calendar, fillable forms, a slideshow, and a gallery. I ensured SEO and consistent branding across all platforms. This site looks great on laptop, tablet, and phone!


It's vital for your business to have an engaging social media presence and strong brand recognition. The focus for Calico Cats Sewing Center FB page is to keep their customer base engaged and excited about new classes and new shop items. I optimized their FB business settings, making sure contact info was synced across Google and Apple Maps. This social media account is image-driven and highly interactive. I used analytics to determine best posting times and lengths. We also ran some innovative in-store, real-time FB check-in promotions to drive exposure.



Calico Cats Sewing Center is a successful small business in a small town. They needed to have an online store, in addition to their brick and mortar store, that was readily accessible to a national audience. There are over 200 products listed on their online store. I checked the existing inventory for accuracy, added new products (doubling the online inventory), updated online inventory to correspond with in-house inventory, categorized products, checked shipping values across all products, and ran various online promotions throughout the year, including virtual shop hops.

I created a Google MyBusiness account, solving some previous issues with Google maps showing an incorrect address. I performed SEO to ensure my clients are at the top of the list. Calico Cats Sewing Center is a great example of how digital marketing can be used to grow a brick and mortar business by connecting with a much larger market.